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About us

Providing a range of advice and services, our aim is to help prospective doctorate students and Ph.D. graduates to make informed choices about their course and career options. is a non-commercial arm of Walkwel Technology Pvt. Ltd with the sole objective to create a vibrant online ecosystem for the Doctoral community of India which is free to use.

We found that there is no comprehensive internet source where Indian Ph.D. degree programmes could be found and compared on a national level.

  • Despite the wave of newly created doctoral programmes there were very little information sources available and those existed were at best at regional level.
  • Finding and comparing programmes nationally was a time consuming and strenuous activity.
  • Through our investigation on the topic we have received many complaints from students in India about this lack of information.

We consider taking the plunge into a Ph.D. program an extremely & critical decision. Also, years spent in the grinding and strenuous doctoral research process has its many problems & obstacles. Through our portals we try to fill the information gap that hinders students from finding and starting their doctoral studies. On this mission, there´s still a lot of work to be done, but we are working enthusiastically and welcome cooperation with students and universities.

We envisage making a focal point for Ph.D. students and graduates that includes course search, careers services for scholars, as well as a platform for various Indian varsities and potential recruiters. Apart from that we hope to have a group of student-representatives across India, both helping us with reviewing our contents as spreading our name to other students. Are you interested in pursuing a Ph.D. yourself, and want to help others to do so as well? Contact us for getting involved as a student representative!